Redefining the Image

Design 350/ Project 1

How to make a “photograph” without a camera.

John Szarkowski’s Five Categories

In The Photographer’s Eye, John Szarkowski proposes five categories to view photographs:

“The thing itself — photography deals with the actual. The reality and the invisible.

The detail — photography is tied to the facts of things. Detail that symbolizes something greater.

The frame — the photograph is selected, not conceived. The frame defines the context and quality.

Time — photographs are time exposures and describe discrete parcels of time.

Vantage point — photographs provide us new views of the world.”

The Thing

Other Perspectives — John Szarkowski | Steve Middlehurst Context and Narrative (

The detail

50 Incredible Photography Techniques and Photo Tutorials — Smashing Magazine

The frame

Shunk-Kender — Hands Framing New York Harbor


20 Beautiful Perfect Timed Photography examples from around the world (

Vantage Point

“Big Foot “ by AlissaBethPhoto

My “Photograph”

When I started thinking of this process, I was confused because how do you truly make a photograph without a camera and the truth is you don’t but it is what the photograph is telling.

I decided to do a representation of Time, and something that lasts forever. Love. Love can be signified as many different things but a red rose is a good way to do it from someone far away. Because even after time and separation the rose stays intact and can symbolize ever lasting love.

Malia Horton