When creating your contract make sure to mirror your workflow into the contract, understand the steps you the photographer take. The reason behind contracts is to protect both the photographer and client. Make sure to always follow up after verbally communicating in any sorts of writing forms. Contracts also set the expectations of the experience and facilitates the type of customer service that is performed. Within the document you should include all party information (identify the party/client), booking information, payments/payment plans (base to base clients), and when they will get their images.

The three contracts are the main contract which…

Plato's Cave is about viewing the world but as an outcast, all you know is what is in the cave and shadowed representations. Sontag says that photography “makes us feel that the world is more available than it really is.” Photographs capture moments but you see what people want you to see and it is all a representation. Through her writing her focus point is that photographs distant viewers from reality. …

Ways to make images more interesting.

Golden Mean / Rule of Thirds

Design 350/ Project 1

How to make a “photograph” without a camera.

John Szarkowski’s Five Categories

In The Photographer’s Eye, John Szarkowski proposes five categories to view photographs:

“The thing itself — photography deals with the actual. The reality and the invisible.

The detail — photography is tied to the facts of things. Detail that symbolizes something greater.

The frame — the photograph is selected, not conceived. The frame defines the context and quality.

Time — photographs are time exposures and describe discrete parcels of time.

Vantage point — photographs provide us new views of the world.”

The Thing

Design 350

Understanding camera settings to take accurate photographs.


Malia Horton

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